We didn't Invent them...we just made them Healthier!

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We believe in having a position in the marketplace where the market will be rather than where the market is. We are a pioneer that acts where future demand will be and that means addressing the new public awareness of the need for healthier food products. The snack products developed must not only meet healthy product guidelines but also taste good. This is a very unique niche and one that hasn’t been completely tapped into for its greatest potential. PPM150 Nutritional Guidelines that came into effect in Ontario and similar guidelines for many other provinces across the country call for products that are low fat (80% 3 grams of fat and under or 20% 5 grams of fat and under) as well as low in sodium. Candy, Chocolate, Soda, junk food such as potato chips and confectionary have been banned. Our recipe for Marshmallow Squares are sugar-free, Gluten-free, contains very little salt, kosher, nut free and tastes great! Knowing that there are healthy products required for this channel and that the trend will be towards more healthier products, we developed and are working on other recipes for healthier products as well as distribution agreements for products that meet the standards.


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